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Premiere w/GoPro VR Reframe plugin -vs- Final Cut w/Revolve360 plugin -vs- Final Cut solo?

Hey gang,

New to the 360 market and have some sweet footage I'm trying to make gnarly with some killer reframing.  Which tools do you recommend for a prosumer/semi-pro photographer for taking Fusion footage & using keyframing?

  • I notice that Revolve360 has some animation presets, can't get easier than that, right?
  • Also heard that Final Cut Pro by itself cannot produce a 16:9 mini planet perspective without blacking the corners, is that right?

I love the idea of paying-as-I-go with Premiere, just not sure it's a better choice than FCPX in terms of ease-of-use.  But if Premiere with the vanilla GoPro plugins is the way to go for 360 overcapture/keyframing, I'd use it.