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Premier pro plugin, reframe keyframes not doing as commanded

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I was wondering if everyone else has the same problem as me with the premier plugin and knows a fix.

When placing keyframes for any camera movements, movement between the 2 keyframes are very smooth if there are only 2 keyframes. A movement starts slow speeding up, then slwoing down before coming to a stop again. But placing a third keyframe anywhere makes the movement jerky/sudden at the start and stop instead of being smooth.

2 keyframes movement smooth;

added a third, now the  same keyframe that was smooth stops very suddenly even though the third keyframe commands no difference;

You can see that third keyframe doesn't even command a further pan and all the rates are the same. No matter what I do I cannot get a smooth star/stop with more than 2 total keyframes. This includes adjusting the sliders that should do exaclty what I want to do (but have zero effect in reality)

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Re: Premier pro plugin, reframe keyframes not doing as commanded

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This issue has cropped up when using multiple key frames for me, however it's more of knowing how to edit with the Fusion more than an actual software fault.  I've worked around this by doing the following...


Lets say I have a clip 10 seconds long and I want to insert three movements in the clip defined by keyframes.  Let's call them points 1,2 and 3.  


What I end up having to do is create 4 keyframes.  1, 2, 2(b) and 3.  Point 1 is inserted as normal.  Point 2 is inserted as normal also, however point 2(b) is then a repeat of point 2, but just a little further down the time line.  This enables the camera to pan from point 1 to point 2 and then come to a stop before panning to point 3.  Then I use the "ease in" and "ease out" to make the camera movement less jerky or sudden.  You can also adjust the lengths of the "ease in" and "ease out" to slow down the movement over a larger length of time.  


I also find that in certain clips, using less keyframes or as little keyframes as possible is always better.  This will make pans look smoother and more pleasing to the eye.