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Powering Gopro 7 Black via Bike or Powerbank

I spend a lot of time recording when I'm out on my Lambretta Scooter, but with the poor battery life, I need to either use a powerbank or plug the USB into a 12v socket on the scooter.

But, I've been having problems with recording. If the power lead is plugged in the GoPro will sometimes freeze or won't respond when I try recording. So I have to unplug the GoPro to record then plug it in again to charge. This is a lot of bother and often means I miss the moment. I don't record constant, only short clips over a trip.

The issues are random and sometimes recording will work when charging, but often it's not.

Is there a cure for this? Maybe remove the battery while using the charger lead?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Powering Gopro 7 Black via Bike or Powerbank

Hello @robertshaw66. If you haven't yet, ,re-flash camera firmware following the manual update steps below: 

  1. Go to the Update page and choose your HERO7 camera.
  2. Under "Other ways to update" at the base of the page, click "Update your camera manually."
  3. Enter your Serial Number and other requested information, click Next Step.
  4. Click "Download Update."
  5. Click "Click here to download firmware."
  6. Follow the steps on the screen for detailed instructions for your operating system.

Make sure that the camera is fully charged and that you have saved to a computer all the media on the SD card as it needs to be formatted prior to the update. Also, ensure that you are using the charging cable that came with the camera package. Let us know what you find out. Thanks!

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Re: Powering Gopro 7 Black via Bike or Powerbank

Thanks for the reply. I'll try this when I get home at the weekend
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Re: Powering Gopro 7 Black via Bike or Powerbank

Cool beans, @robertshaw66. Feel free to post back if anything else comes up.