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Popping and crackling with Sony ECMCS3 microphone

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I have a Sony ECMCS3 stero mic that I have used for a couple of years with my Hero 4 Silver.  It has served well and worked flawlessly.  I recently picked up the Hero 6 and the new mic adapter.  The mic appears to work fine at low speed but as the amount of noise picks up there is a consistent popping and crackling noise in the audio.  Here is an example video from  motovlogger:


I have the same issue and a couple of other folks on youtube have the same issue.  The issue appears to be with the mic and not the mic adapter as it goes away when a different mic is used.  I view this as a fairly significant issue because this Sony mic appears in the list of compatible microphones on the GoPro website:


Any ideas GoPro?





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Re: Popping and crackling with Sony ECMCS3 microphone

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I'm glad there's a thread for this because I'm facing this exact same issue.

What mic did you use to replace it with?