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Please Improve Software for LiveStream and MediaMod Users - GoPro Hero9 Black

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I have the GoPro hero9 Black and I'm trying to use it for Live streaming because I don't want to resort to the white and very obtrusive Sony action cams that everyone uses. GoPro needs to work on fixing some of these things in a software update if possible. 


1. No preview while livestreaming from the GoPro App when connecting wirelessly. You should be able to zoom and see what you are sending in the preview. The delay to a livestream for adjustments is not ideal. 



2. Enable the GoPro app to save RTMP destinations. This is already on another thread but I figured I'd pile on.


3. Allow Livestreaming camera orientation to adjust to upside down. 


Media Mod Specific Issues: 

4. While plugged into the Micro HDMI and connecting to the LiveU Solo with HDMI there is no way to see anything that is happening on your GoPro. The Display is off and there is no control on your phone when previewing it. 


5. When you start streaming if you don't already have the camera in video mode you go into your stream in content/media playback mode. You sould be able to simply turn that off in the GoPro app or on the goPro display screen that is blacked out when on the media mod HDMI. 



6. In preview on the goPro app while connected to the HDMI output you cannot control anything such as the On Screen Display OSD items like battery and no sim card notices. To get rid of the OSD on your live stream you have to memorize the amount of GoPro touch screen swipes to get to the OSD button and then touch the screen to remove it. So I swipe left 2 times then tap to remove them. This should be viewable on the GoPro display screen or controllable in the Gopro app. 




7. The media mod and screws are not very nice together. You can barely finger tighten the screws when using the mod. We have to buy aftermarket products to use the mod easily. This is a fail. 




8. Allow zooming while livestreaming via both the media mod and the wireless connection scenarios. 


Please work to upgrade the software to make livestreaming more functional and when plugged into HDMI via the Media Mod. This will enhance the experience. You can take down the Sony Action cams if you get these things fixed.