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Playback Distortion on GoPro Hero7 Black Camera Screen

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A few things:  


-  This is my second Hero7 Black.  I returned the first a few weeks ago becuase it kept freezing and would not turn off.  The updates did not help.  When I would use the playback function on the first GoPro, the video playback on the camera screen had pretty good quality with little to no distortion.


-  My current Hero7 Black works great (v1.70), however, the camera screen exhibits a weird (wavy/glare/blurry) distortion when I playback video.  When I download the video to my Mackbook, it looks fine.    


Here is a link to the video:


The ocean becomes blurry and the sand has a weird wave/glare effect.  It gets worse as the video progresses.   The video was recorded with protune off, 1440/60ffps.  I also recorded some snowboarding recently using protune and the snow had the same effect, but not as severe (maybe because it was overcast?).


Anyone else experiencing this?




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Re: Playback Distortion on GoPro Hero7 Black Camera Screen

When you play back video on your GoPro camera, you're actually playing a seperate file completely from the file you recorded, you are actually playing back an LRV file (Low Resolution Video).  This combined with the waves and sand pattern recorded could possibly give off a moire effect during the playback.  I couldn't actually see anything that looked "bad" on the youtube video, but then again you're recording a tiny screen playing back an LRV through youtube compression.  


The LCD playback is supposed to be for reference only, so adjusting settings, maybe highlighting parts of a clip or quick playback of what you recorded.  I would say if anything you have a cosmetic fault and not an operating fault.  So it's up to yourself whether you can live with it or if you want to exchange your GoPro for another one.  


Does the same thing happen if you change your recording format?  1080P or 2.7K wide?

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Re: Playback Distortion on GoPro Hero7 Black Camera Screen

yes, when I used protune it was 1080p

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Re: Playback Distortion on GoPro Hero7 Black Camera Screen

And I just researched “moire effect”. That is exactly what I observe on the camera screen during playback. Never owned a gopro prior to my Hero7 Black. Is this normal or do I need to address the issue further with GoPro?
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Re: Playback Distortion on GoPro Hero7 Black Camera Screen



it is normal when play a LRV (Low Resolution Video) to see this "moire" 

look at the three branches in my video - is the same.

the fine detailes are "jumping"

because the resolution the video/photo is played/displayed is too low ("pixels" too big) than the needed for those fine details.


nothing wrong to me.

this does not affect the actual footage at full resolution.


thank you,





Uploaded by None on 2019-02-13.
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Re: Playback Distortion on GoPro Hero7 Black Camera Screen

It's perfectly fine. First, the rear LCD is really just for accessing settings and framing shots. I don't know the exact specs, but it's probably at best a 720p display and I doubt it has a very dense pixel density as the camera LCD screen is not meant to be a primary playback device. Second, as has been mentioned, the video you are watching is actually not the same file that you will export to your computer or use to edit or view on a large screen device. The LRV files have a few very useful features, one being for quick playback on the camera LCD.