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Planning a project to time lapse a house build.

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Hello as the subject said I am building a 4 bedroom house and would like to timelapse the whole thing so would like to get it right of course so would love some help.

Currently I own a hero 5 and many mounts - my idea is to cement a steel post into the ground and fashion a metal housing to keep it dry and safe

I’m contemplating buying a 400g micro SD and I have the biggest external battery I can find.

I’m going to set it on 60 seconds and just leave it.

But how long will this record for given the memory size I think I’m only going to record in 1080p but what settings do you guys recommend ?

I welcome any help and input first time posting a topic fingers crossed.
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Re: Planning a project to time lapse a house build.

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I don't think hero cameras support anything over 128gb cards, the time-lapse mode is just a series of photo's stitched together into a video format actual file size will depend on the photo so the easiest way to work out how often you would have to take the card out and download would be to test a 5 minute time-lapse and see how much space it uses. (You could actually calculate it but probably more realistic to do a test run to get a real world example.