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Perdi ou roubaram minha Gopro. O que faço?

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É preciso que a empresa crie algum método para localização e bloqueio para câmeras que foram perdidas ou roubadas.
A câmera tem dispositivo de Wi-Fi, bluetooth e GPS.
Acredito que não seja tão difícil essa melhoria.
Esqueci minha Gopro num resort em Salvador. E não foi devolvido.
Acredito se tivesse um sistema de rastreio da câmera seria fácil a localização e recuperação da mesma.
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Re: Perdi ou roubaram minha Gopro. O que faço?

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Your GoPro has a tiny little GPS receiver on it.  It is not a GPS transmitter, that would be a lot bigger and require more power.

If GoPro were to put a GPS transmitter on every GoPro it would be a HUGE invasion of privacy and in many countries considered illegal.


I would suggest that you contact the local authorities and inform them of your loss/theft.


Blocking camera's isn't ideal either as someone could sell a GoPro 2nd hand and then report it as stolen.  If GoPro were to lock this camera it could end up in a very lengthy and costly legal battle.  


As with all expensive goods, it's up to the owner to keep them as secured as possible and to take steps to prevent loss.