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Payment Complaints

My name is Rinat, and I just openned my camera today.

Camera is great, thank, but sill I feel really  bad after buying it from you.


And here is my complaint:

Order number 40875240

As a delivery service you used  company called "United Parcel Service"

Turnout according to local  Belarus law EVERITHING delivered via this particular company must be declared and

I had to pay 30% of backage content(of 284.98 euro) +5$ declaration fee to take my camera!


so I've payed 34.74 to then pay 65euro+5$ for delivery? Is this a good service from your side?

If you use usual mail - I would saved all those money...

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Re: Payment Complaints

Hi @richman1000000


Kindly go over the information on Customer Responsibility for Import Duty, VAT, or Other Taxes Outside of the US

If you have further questions or clarifications regarding your order, it will be best to reach out to our Support Team.




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Re: Payment Complaints

I believe this is your fault. On website "Delivery Total Express Service | 3-6 Days €34.74 " checkbox cannot be removed during order.

You should know such things upfront and warn you customers.
This is not there 1st time I get my self international delivery, but this is 1st time it is such horrible situation. If you used "Belpost" company or any other - no declaration is needed.
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Re: Payment Complaints

I've already payed for camera, but never again I'll buy your products
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Re: Payment Complaints

"DAP Customer door" - package is given at Minsk Airport, 24 km away from the city!

I've spent in total 6 our to get this camera and return. I was late for work because of you.

Also I had to go local officer to clarify that my package is 284 euro, not almost 700 euro and pay storage fee 3$ cause package arrive yerstarday.


I don't need money that I spent.

But you HAVE TO accept that you CustomerService is complete **bleep**.