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Paying for a service that is not provided.

So, let me just say something...GoPro, this is how big name companies like yours start to lose customers, and obviously more importantly to you, money. I've been paying for GoPro Plus since March or April of this year. I enjoyed the option of uploading to the cloud while away form my computer. BUT...when i got back from my trip it's been collecting dust and now that another trip is in the work for me, i plan to use my GoPro...along with the GoPro Plus which i have been paying for since i subscribed! Here's the thing...i don't have access to it anymore...I cannot view my pictures or videos anymore, it looks like that you've cancelled my subscription without taking my credit card out of your back pocket. Fix this problem, or give me my money back. I was excited when i purchased my first don't know what to think.


8/10 product rating

4/10 application(s) rating

1/10 customer service


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Re: Paying for a service that is not provided.

Hello @goza2509


Please refer to reply I did for your other post here: