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Password reset dont work (gp hero+)

I forgot my wifi password and i followed the steps on the gopro website but when i try to connect to the camera with the gopro app. The app will know the wifi password but on the website it sayd you must write the pin and then you can chose your own password. Can anyone helpme?


Camera: Gopro hero+

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Re: Password reset dont work (gp hero+)

Hi @hardybluff47518



If the app is still asking for the Wi-Fi password, this means that the reset was not successful.

Kindly try the steps again. if it's still the same, you may need to do a manual update.


For reference, here are the steps on resetting the Wi-Fi settings for the HERO+


Part 1: Reset the Camera

  1. Turn the camera ON.
  2. Press the mode button repeatedly on front of the camera until “SETUP” appears on the screen.
  3. Press the top shutter button on top of the camera.
  4. Press the top shutter button to select “WIRELESS.”
  5. Press the front mode button repeatedly until “RESET Wi-Fi” is highlighted.
  6. Press the shutter button to select.
  7. Press the mode button to highlight “RESET.”
  8. Press the shutter button to select.

Part 2: GoPro App Camera Pairing Process

  1. ON YOUR PHONE/TABLET, turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your phone.
  2. Open the GoPro App on your phone. 
  3. Tap "Connect Your Camera"
  4. Tap "Add New Device" and select your camera model from the list. 
  5. Follow the three steps provided in the GoPro App, to prepare your camera for pairing.
  6. Tap "CONTINUE" in the app, to begin pairing.
  7. Enter the camera's PIN number in the app and tap "Pair."
  8. Create a camera Name & Password and tap "UPDATE YOUR CAMERA."
  9. The App will prompt you and with steps to join the new camera network from the Wi-Fi list in your device's settings menu 
  10. Once you are connected to the Camera Network return to the GoPro App
  11. Tap your "CONNECT YOUR CAMERA" and then tap your camera's name from the list. 

Let us know how it goes.