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Panning in Youtube rolls instead

Hi, just trying to figure out why panning in Youtube makes my video roll instead. It is impossible to navigate throughout the scene.  Try for yourself below... 



I didn't change much of anything, just recorded, imported to final cut, Shared with Youtube preset as 360 video.   Are there other settings I have to make in Final Cut to make the final video navigable in Youtube?  Right now they are not even worth watching.   


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Re: Panning in Youtube rolls instead

Actually, I just realized....when the video first starts you can see it is not oriented correctly (sits 90 degrees clockwise)... If I ignore what's in the footage then panning with the mouse does move the video in a predictable way.   Ok that could solve that issue... but brings me to a previous issue I was having I now see is related, and actually what I should have asked.


How do I get the initial orientation of the video to sit properly to start?  I know Final Cut Pro has the Orient tool which can be used in the right window of the 360 Viewer to change the position of the shot... however I've not been able to get the orientation to 'stick'.  Seems like every time change the orientation of clip in Final Cut Pro... the orientation changes for ALL clips, not just the one I think I'm editing.   I've tried the Orient tool for a whole evening on 5 clips, changing the orientation on one clip would somehow affect all.  I'm not sure if that is a bug in FCP or something I'm doing wrong but it seems like I need to figure out how to get the initial orientation of each clip sorted out as a first step. 


Any ideas appreciated.