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Paired Wifi connection gets lost

 have had a continuous problem (from the day I got the present) with the Hero 5 session's Wifi/bluetooth connection.


After the installing of the App on the phone and the first paring the WiFi gets lost and the search for connection takes lots of time before the message appears: "Something Went Wrong. Make sure Wifi and Bluetooth are on to continue."


I have reinstalled the App over and over again on different smartphones such as the Samsung S6 and S8 and the Iphone 10. The problems stays.


Finally I have send the camera to the The Tech Repair center in Bergen op Zoom in Holland. They have returned it concluding there are no problems.

Then again I have tried to connect and again, after reinstalling, pairing and connecting the first time, the connection is lost and I am not able to restore it.  I have spend hours now trying to overcome this problem. The fact that the lens from the camera becomes hot (ca 45gr) also seems unlogical to me.


I will attach a screen print to show the places where it goes wrong.


Can anybody help me out?

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Re: Paired Wifi connection gets lost

Hi @royalgorge67238,

Sorry to hear about the trouble. Typically, the connection issue between camera and GoPro App can be resolved by resetting the Wi-Fi settings. Please follow these troubleshooting steps accordingly: 

  1. Remove your camera entry from the GoPro App's history. 
    • Android: Open GoPro App. Press and hold the image of the camera and delete the entry from your camera history. 
    • iOS: Open GoPro App. Tap the pencil icon in the top-left corner of the Camera menu page. Tap the red X icon to delete the camera entry from your app’s history.  
  2. Reset your camera’s Wi-Fi settings using the instructions HERE.
  3. Delete the GoPro camera under the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi entries in your mobile device’s settings before attempting to re-pair to your GoPro using the instructions HERE.

In addition, when connecting your HERO5 Session with your mobile device, ensure first that the Wi-Fi is connected to the camera before opening GoPro App. This will see to it that the camera is already visible to your mobile device before using the app.

Kind Regards,

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Re: Paired Wifi connection gets lost

Thank you Ann,
Again I have gone through these steps. Sadly the problem remains. As mentioned I also tried installing on different phones. The dropping connection and heating if the screen remains.
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Re: Paired Wifi connection gets lost

Samsung phones also have an annoying feature, they store the connection history even if you remove it from the connection list.  This means old passwords are stored and can sometimes cause connection issues.


Reset the wifi settings on your camera as previously instructed.


Then open your Samsung phones WiFi settings and make sure you have deleted the GoPro wifi connection.  Then click on the "advanced" tab at the top of your wifi connection.  Scroll down to the "manage networks" section and you'll see a list of "saved" networks.  You need to also delete your GoPro connection settings from there.


After that, go back into your GoPro app and set up your camera like it's the first time you've ever connected the device.   Hopefully that will work.

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Re: Paired Wifi connection gets lost

Thank you for your suggestion. This solution I also have tried. It did not change anything.


Remember I reported to have also installed the GoPro Hero 5 on an Iphone 10. Also then the same problem occured. I have installed uninstalled, installed and unisntalled so many times I have lost count. The repair service office in Bergen op Zoom Holland has reported that the heating of the Hero 5 session is normal. So this is not the isseu. Since they only tried connecting once they have not encountered the issue.


The issue only occurs after the first connection is lost and has to be reastablished. So at first it works, but only once, which proves I have installed the connection properly. The second time I only can regain the connection by removing the App from my phone, delete the Bluetooth and Wifi settings and than reinstall and re-pair again. This I have to do over and over and over again. This is unworkable. A Hero 5 Session has no screen so the connection to the phone is crucial. It should work properly. 


This problem has occured from day one so it should be fixed under guarantee. I am becomming very disappointed about GoPro because it is suggests to be a premium brand but the service I have received does not fix the problem. Is there anybody who can really help?

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Re: Paired Wifi connection gets lost

Hello @royalgorge67238


Sorry to hear about the trouble with using the GoPro App. Having to delete the camera from your phone's settings every time you connect with the app is an unnecessary step. The app should be able to remember the connection, and unless the camera has been updated and reset, the app should automatically recognize the camera. 


If you have already gone through the steps detailed here Troubleshooting GoPro App Connectivity Issues, the next step would be to contact our Support team through . When you do, please prepare the following information:

  • A brief description of what you have tried
  • Camera Model and firmware version (e.g. HERO6 v1.60)
  • Phone Model (e.g. iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8)
  • Mobile OS (e.g. iOS 10.1 or Android 5.1)
  • Carrier (e.g. Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc.)
  • GoPro App version

You may also direct them to this thread for reference. 



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Re: Paired Wifi connection gets lost

[ Edited ]

This problem is not solved.

Some essential information:

- Repeating WiFi  re)connection problem between smartphone and Hero 5 session (from 1st day of use)

- All standard steps to resolve this issue have failed

- Firmware GoPro: 2.51

- Current smartphone: Samsung S8 (SM-G950F)

- Android 9

- Quik App version:

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Re: Paired Wifi connection gets lost

Thanks for the additional information @royalgorge67238

The best path forward is to reach out to our Support Team.

They are available by phone or chat through

Let them know of the troubleshooting steps taken.