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PLEASE HELP: my videos disapeared

I have a gopro hero5. I conected my sd card to my computer, and there was a folder gopro but no videos there. The go pro quick appeared and from what i realized it deleted the videos automaticlly. I tried and do another video afterwards and the go pro quick also deleted it as soon as i connected the sd card to the computer. I think the card is deleting the videos as soon  as i connect to computer. please help and how can i recover my videos?

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Re: PLEASE HELP: my videos disapeared

In quik click the little gear next to the GoPro an make sure delete after import is not selected.

Iam from windows so not sure what you see on the mac, where does quik import to?


Have a look there and see if they exist. If not try changing quik preferences to import to a new location and try importing a new video.


Tell us your findings....

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Re: PLEASE HELP: my videos disapeared

He has quik open on his task bar if it is like us we right click itto bring those options up

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Re: PLEASE HELP: my videos disapeared

OK, it was set to delete after import. I already changed it. In my new recordings it deleted the video but send to the new folder that i set to destiny.


But 2 questions:

. It's making 5 copys of each video now (why?????)

. My first videos were deleted for good. Why?? if it was set to delete after import, it should by in the destiny folder (like it hapenned now). Why the most importante videos were gone? (I'm really sad about this because they were really important... :((( )

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Re: PLEASE HELP: my videos disapeared  to recovery deleted GoPro vidoes from your memory card.


Obviously, by recording a new video this will have overwritten some of the original videos