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Re: Overheating GoPro 7

Yes, it's safe.
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Re: Overheating GoPro 7


NO that is not safe. My GoPro barely reaches 90 degrees even when running 4k 60fps for 30 minutes.
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Re: Overheating GoPro 7

It's fine.
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Re: Overheating GoPro 7

I am a FIRST time gopro user so i don't know what is the temperature that is accepatable for a good user experience. I just know when we say 'overheating', it means the camera already CANNOT hand-held by a user as it is too hot. 


Once i found out it is too hot, then i stopped the recording. Then the camera FREEZE & HANG there already. I need to force restart and wait for ~10s before it back to normal.


So i am very confused if we are having the faulty camera. Did anybody already issued & got their replacement devices on hand to test out? I am very curious to know if the replacemment device is so good to get rid of all the problems that we have.


Appreciate if anyone can share their experiences to all of us.



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Re: Overheating GoPro 7


How can you honestly say that is fine? Why do you feel the need to defend GoPro regardless of the context. GoPro could issue devices that explode after a week and you would somehow defend it. You are giving incorrect and potentially dangerous advice. That is WAY too hot and should be returned.
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Re: Overheating GoPro 7

hi all,


let's talk temperature in electronics.

it has the works effect in electronics performances.

increase the signal to noise ratio (as noise is related to the thermal noise also) ...the result ---> errors in deciding the 1 and 0  levels from increased noise.

so hanging, freezing, etc.


keep in mind that an electronic chip (consumer rated - not military, not aerospace)  is safe to 150 C = 302 F, or in case of CMOS technology to 300 C = 572 F


@colgatekid  - yes, I experienced the same...with SanDisk get hotter than with Samsung Evo Plus in the same conditions.

123 F sounds like my tests too.


@quickhero77554 @danielr15  -  as with some cards get hotter (Sandisk) than with others (Evo) as long as we are in this range, we are good.

and we are not in the overheating situation (strictly how overheat is defined in electronics).

after overheat, electronics are gone for good, as an irremediable and irreversible process affected the materials.


we experience normal heat.


all card I know, Sandisk Extreme xx and Samsung Evo Plus have:

Operating temperature-13ºF to 185ºF (-25ºC to 85ºC)
Storage temperature

-40ºF to 185ºF (-40ºC to 85ºC)


@quickhero77554  - yours is 90F after 30min of 4k@50/60fps in a 77 F or close environment? which microSD card?

if yes you are lucky.



also, the environment temperature counts.

mine in a 25 C office (77 F)

at 4K 50fps

after 20min 52 C = 126 F

after 30min 54 C = 129 F

after 35min 54 C = 129 F - so entered in a stady situation....


measured as on picture exactly under the lens - where the red spot is (and where is the hottest).







especially to @sunnyflame01381 

for that hanging/freeze...I would try to make a  clean fresh 1.61 firmware update.

I had the same before a clean manual update


just to be sure it is not generated by some hanging processes in the memory, CPU, bad software, etc.


use this link for manual update, from desktop...


follow the "manual update link"


the serial number you can find it from camera menu, no need to struggle to read as they say...

Preferences > About > Camera Info > serial number


copy the zip, unzip-it

copy the 3 files in a fresh formatted microSD card under an "UPDATE" folder

(I aslo made a facory reset on camera, without making the initial setup)

introduce the microSD card in the camera.

be sure you have enough battery >50% let's say.

power it on.

wait for the upgrade to finish.

format the card again from camera menu:

Reset > Format > SD card

and you are good to go...(make the initial setup/pair with the phone, etc. if you made the factory reset before)


just me,









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Re: Overheating GoPro 7

HI @robert1326, appreciate & thanks for your inputs.


However, I would like to indicate that I already tried the manual update along with SD card format as per what you mentioned quite some times ago. And i can say it helped NOTHING. 


I am having two issues currently, one is overheating, another is battery drain issue (in separate forum:


Just now i recorded 4K 60p for 20mins, my battery dropped from 60% to 10% (ridiculous). The whole body of the gopro was getting extremely hot. Take note that the 'hot' that we are mentioning here is unbearable. We NOT able to handheld the gopro actually. I am serious. Can you imagine that?


I personally think some of us might be getting the good gopro & they will not experience what we are facing right now. 


What is important right now is to find out who already got their replacement device and what is the outcome? Does it solve all of the problems? 





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Re: Overheating GoPro 7

In short, I won't even bother what is the temperature reading from the temp sensor. Gopro hero 7 black with hypersmooth is a gimbal killer. It is meant for user to handheld in order to take video. 


Is this making sense if the heat generated from the gopro is too hot to by handled by hands? 


Folks, what i want to emphasize is, temperature reading is just a numerical number, the MOST important thing is user experience. If the heat from gopro is too hot to be handheld, then it is a problem in user experience, then it is a problem to end user (regardless of what the temp reading is). As simple as that.