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Overexposed vs. Underexposed | Exposure Value Compensation (EV Comp.)

Obviously you would most of the time (except when you want to purposely over- or underexpose) want to find a good balance in exposure for your photos/videos. Which means not too dark and not too bright.

I am looking for answers regarding overexposure and underexposure (using EV Comp) on the GoPro (in general and for the Hero 6 Black) specifically for videography and photography when conditions aren't perfect (f.e.: A lot of darks and brights in the same frame) and one has to choose between over- or underexposing, where corrections are needed to be made in postproduction.


Now when reading about it, it seems like you have to treat under- and overexposing differently for recording video (filming) and shooting images, because for images it depends on whether you shoot in RAW or not.

There seems to be different consents (see links to sources at the end):

  1. If you shoot underexposed and brighten in postproduction, you see noise/grain in the shadows (for filming and shooting images not in RAW).
  2. If you shoot overexposed and darken in postproduction, you have less nois/grain, but information/detail/color will be lost in the overexposed areas (for filming and shooting images not in RAW).
  3. Therefore you would rather want to underexpose and brighten in postproduction as more information and details are preserved this way compared to overexposing, but you don't want to go overboard when underexposing in the GoPro as you than end up with too much noise/grain in postproduction when brightning.
  4. But if you shoot images in RAW, you want to overexpose allowing the sensor to receive as much light as possible without clipping the highlights, because RAW (digital negative) behaves like film negatives and there is more information in the highlights compared to shadows. So you want to darken in postproduction.
  5. It depends on the equipment you use and the dynamic range of given equipment.


In conclusion (for the GoPro):


  • Would I want to underexpose when filming (or shooting images NOT in RAW) in daylight when there is a decent amount of highlights?
  • Would I want to overexpose when filming (or shooting images NOT in RAW) at night? (See Youtube video in sources)
  • Would I want to overexpose when shooting images in daylight, but in RAW?
  • Is there a certain value in EV Comp. I better don't exceed?



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Posts: 2

Re: Overexposed vs. Underexposed | Exposure Value Compensation (EV Comp.)