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Ordered 17th, order still not "accepted"

It's half term holidays from today.
Ordered a hero7 black for my daughter so she can do better YouTube videos. My receipt says 2-3 days delivery. (placed 2 days ago) .
Tried to track it today, wouldn't accept my details.
So chat with support. My order hasn't been accepted yet???
I paid in full. PayPal. How long do deliveries actually take?? Seems I will be better going and buying from a physical store, and cancelling online order.
How many days did your order take??
PS mine is a UK order if it makes a difference.
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Re: Ordered 17th, order still not "accepted"

Just to be clear, this is a member to member support community. It sounds like you've already been in contact with GoPro Support.

Usually issues like you've described actually fall on PayPal. GoPro transmits the information you gave, but is now waiting for PayPal to release the funds.

Does your PayPal account have a middle name associated with it? The Billing information on GoPro's form doesn't have this, so this can cause issues if it does.

Also, when you placed the order, did the GoPro purchase system give you a suggested address? Did you select that? If the information PayPal has doesn't exactly match the information on the GoPro Billing form, it will cause issues.

PasyPal is a nightmare system. If the information being transferred from the merchant doesn't exactly match what they have on file they wont release the funds to the merchant. Problem is, they do perform a an authorization request which places the money on hold.

At any time, the PayPal automated system can freeze an order for any number of reasons.

If you are able to pay with a credit card instead of PayPal, you should consider getting in touch with GoPro Support and changing the payment method. Or, like you mentioned, just purchase from a store.

As far as how many days it takes for an order to process, package and varies, but generally about one business week (+/- 2-3 days). 2-day shipping shouldn't be confused with 2-day delivery. Once your order has been processed (usually 1-2 days), the order is prepared by shipping (1 day) and then shipped out via 2-day delivery service (excludes Sundays and Holidays).
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Re: Ordered 17th, order still not "accepted"

@cooldusk86747   you ordered  on the 17th  IMHO:  the order should be  to youon the 20th I  bet your order was the 17th, they could get out the 18th, the 19th & 20th are in transit and the 21st is by you for sure.  Yes you could have been best off that route. if asked that was your choice? GoPro  will do their best to make it happen.  hope that helps out   Like Dan said we are   members not gopro here so maybe a call to gopro with the  order number is needed.  With our orders 2 days does not mean you order on the 17th at night at arrives the 19th in the morning.  

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Re: Ordered 17th, order still not "accepted"

Such a convenient and utterly weak answer. PayPal is just so complicated for your software to interact with ? really? You probably shouldn't offer an answer if you don't know the answer it makes you appear ignorant. It's pretty sad that no one else ever seems to have a problem with PayPal but oh poor GoPro they just can't get their s*** straight and it's all PayPal's fault. Please your customer service is s*** and you know it. You guys cannot fulfill orders in a timely fashion in your customer services Pete bottom-of-the-barrel check on the web.