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Operating Room Light help

Does anyone have any solutions to help with dealing with the intense light from the overhead surgical lights in an operating room washing out the field? Thank you.

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Re: Operating Room Light help

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You will need to set the exposure to the brightest part of the image and lock it.  This will, however, make the smocks look dark.


P.S. I'm assuming this is for video, if it's for photos or timelapse photos you can turn HDR on.

Previously, when I had the GoPro 4, my two frustrations with it were the lack of image stabilization and the ability to lock exposure. However, the GoPro 5 & 6 have now addressed those concerns and the Hero 6 is great to use! Locking exposure is similar to locking the iPhone's exposure to manual ...
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Re: Operating Room Light help

@spirydive35106, in addition to what has been suggested, you may try the recommendation from other Hub members in this thread to see if it will work for you.