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Only battery problems with GoPro7

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First and foremost I want to thank in advance whoever will help me out here. I am a first time customer for the gopro and chose the gopro 7 hero black. I must say I am extremely disappointed at this product, especially its battery state and more. First and formost, the problems start with turning the device ON and OFF. As an ex-airline pilot I must say, it is easier to turn on and off the electrical system of a Boeing 767 Airplane than this. Once I press the power button for around 3 secs, it turns on, then again, it turns off, all fine, suddenly, it does not turn on at all anymore, I have to suddenly press it for 5 seconds, and then at times I press it for 8 seconds and it still does not turn off, eventually it turns briefly off and then right back on. At times only the red lights flash and it does not even turn on.... It is a mess. Also, the battery drain is brutal. I followed all advice of what all wrote, to turn off Wifi, voice command etc, I did all of it. So the battery loses about 2-4% daily on battery life, I can live with that (before I turned all of those feautures off, it drained approx 30% per day), but now about 2-4%, which is good. So last time I checked which was Saturday, the battery was at 89%. Today, I turned it on, it would not turn on. Battery completely empty.....

I wanted to ask if anyone can confirm that this camera is definitely broken. Or is this normal ? It is updated to the latest version. Quick capture I did not turn off, that I kept on and to me is no excuse for battery drain when the device is off, but the rest, gps, wifi, voice command, all is off. 

I am extremely frustrated. From the many electronic gadgets that I got over the past 10 years (which is a lot !!!), this is a real frustration to deal with, I am probably getting a full store refund and this was my first and last GoPro product, but then again, maybe I am doing something completely wrong. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks !

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Re: Only battery problems with GoPro7

Decided to bring the camera in and get a refund. I did a lot of additional reading but resetting devices to factory setting, manual downloads from the site, re-doing everything, for a 400 Euro device, this appears to me that it has major firmware issues and battery problems. Reading other posts confirm this. Also, Wifi still working and using battery when camera is off is just ridiculous. First and last GoPro.