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Only 7 good files, the rest are LRV only

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Once in a lifetime trip. Bought GoPro7 Silver JUST so I could have beautiful videos. I get home, only 7 good videos/pics show up on my SandDisk Extreme Plus128GB card when viewed though the gopro. So I'm freaking out thinking I've somehow deleted the videos and pictures I took! So when I plug it into laptop using a card reader all i see are the 7 good ones and the rest
are LRV!! There is nothing else. What happened to my photos? My beautiful videos?? There is nothing else on the card except this low resolution crap! No MP4, nothing.

What is the point of having a gopro if I don't get nice videos? Where are copies in hi-res format??? The 7 good files show up using gopro and laptop. Why did it save them correctly but not the others? I didn't delete any files and the SD card was new. The trip lasted 3 weeks, surely I didn't need to transfer the videos and pictures every night???

Yes, I read every single question and post regarding other people's issues with this. I am completely unimpressed with GoPro!! I just want my pictures and videos the way I see others post theirs on you tube, nice and clear!
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Re: Only 7 good files, the rest are LRV only

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Hello @sunnymesa32622


What SD card are you using?

Have you tried pairing the camera to a mobile phone to check the files?

Do you have the camera up to date?

Since this is certainly not normal for files to suddenly go missing, I do recommend to reach out to the SD card manufacturer to further troubleshoot the SD card. 





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Re: Only 7 good files, the rest are LRV only

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It is a new SanDisk 128Gb. I just bought the camera before my trip and set up everything so it would be ready to go. I will contact SanDisk. I don't understand why only a few were saved and are perfect and why the others are LRV. Very disheartening. Thank you for your reply.