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On the app but not the cloud

So my family and I are on vacation. Using the GoPro hero 7 black, auto upload is on, connections are made. Several videos and pictures taken today. Get back to the hotel and I decide to upload them daily to the app/ and the cloud to make things easier.

WiFi is connected, Bluetooth is on. NO NEW DATA. Uninstall the app, take a picture, it automatically updates to the cloud. I had to manually select all the new data and upload it to the app. Then, connected, I have the cloud symbol on all my pictures and it begins to upload to the cloud. Check marks appear and go away.

I click on CLOUD in the app, nothing new that was uploaded Is there. Why?? Is it the network I am on? Are they really not there? Does my GoPro need to be on?

iOS is most current.
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Re: On the app but not the cloud

Hi @bushcraftjoe,

Sorry to hear about the trouble. When Mobile Upload is enabled on your GoPro App, and you get a cloud + checkmark symbol on your footage, this indicates that the upload was successful. Your GoPro camera doesn't need to be powered on for these uploaded contents to appear on your Plus storage. 


To further isolate the issue, I have a few things to check with you that will help us clear this out:

  • Are you logged into the proper account in the GoPro App?
  • Try logging in to using a web browser. Are you able to see your uploaded contents?
  • If you have Quik for Desktop (on your computer) available, log in using your GoPro account associated to your Plus subscription. Then, see if you're able to see your uploaded contents.

Kind Regards,

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Re: On the app but not the cloud

When you go to the Cloud tab in the app you need to go to the settings and select Refresh. If you don't it will just show what was collected the previous time.
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Re: On the app but not the cloud

I too experienced the same as you and refresh does nothing
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Re: On the app but not the cloud

Login through a mobile browser. Set to desktop view.
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Re: On the app but not the cloud

Hi @bradc40


Have you tried signing in and out of your account?