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On GoPro issues (Funny?)

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I'm middle aged and so I am familar with the old rotary phones from long ago.    Trivial for me to reuse one.   


But our beloved Young /  Millenials have quite a time at it, watch:


Maybe they can contact support or watch some youtube training videos?   Perhaps some unboxings or how to put a call on hold?


Kinda reminds me of the issues and angst some run into with these great but geeky GoPros. 




Occurred on July 18, 2018 / Clarksville, Arkansas, USA"This video was recorded by the father to the children in the video. He had brought home an old rotary ...
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Re: On GoPro issues (Funny?)

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We had a candle shaped phone in our house that had the separate ear piece and rotary dial base connected to the stick with the mic. I'd love to see kids today try to figure it out.