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Not impressed at all

Just wanted to drop in and say that I absolutely hate my Hero Black 7. Been using it for a couple of weeks now and whilst I love the footage it captures, the extent of the frustration I've had using it (and the Android App / Quik) have left me feeling pretty bitter about the £319 it cost me.

Locks up randomly. Can't be turned off without ejecting the battery.


Have had to disable voice control because it keeps getting switched on in my bag, recording loads of useless footage, and spunking my batteries.


Android app can never find the camera - have to constantly 'forget' and re-pair in order to access footage on the phone.


Quik limits video size for editing. What use is an editor that will only let you create clips a minute long?


As the market leader in action cameras, I expected way better. The user experience is uglier than a sack of smashed crabs. I am far from 'stoked' *bro*.

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Re: Not impressed at all

Hi @peppyvista41


Please see if resetting the camera will work.  Reset Camera Settings
If it's still the same, proceed with a manual software update.
Let us know how it goes.

You may also reach out to our Support Team for assistance through