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Not getting my REFUND - GoPro keeps lying....HELP

I have ordered a GoPRO 8 and sent an old goPro to get the 100£ off the price.
I was charged the full price of the GoPro eventhough they received my old camera.
That was over 5 weeks ago and they kept saying that my refund was being processed.
I was sent a document showing that my refund was being processed, on the 18th November.
We are now on the 29th and still no refund. After speaking to someone else on the chat (maybe the 5th time i am going to this chat to complain about my refung), i was told the order team hadn't processed it.

This is RIDICULOUS, i have never experienced that in my entire life with a company. It seems they are making up excuses to not refund you. What kind of game are you playing? 

Can someone helpful reply to this message and help please..........................

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Re: Not getting my REFUND - GoPro keeps lying....HELP

Dear Alexandred,

Im sorry to hear that you are having problems. Have you tried to physically e-mail Go-Pro as for most companies the person on the phone line isn't very knowledgable. Otherwise i would recommend trying to talk to a seller in person as they may have more knowledge. Fortunately this has never happened to me and so im afraid that is all i can help you with. Knowing GoPro i am sure that it will make its way to you soon.

Enjoy your evening


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Re: Not getting my REFUND - GoPro keeps lying....HELP

For any order issues (including refund issues), your best option is to reach out to our Support team directly at Our team will be glad to help try to expedite that resolution for you.