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Not able to turn on new Gopro Hero 7

Dear all
I bought today a brand new Gopro Hero 7 black. 

Somehow it won't turn on, it stucks with the "Black 7" front screen and thats it. Back Screen never turned on.


This is what I did so far (without success):

- Fully charge battery

- Power it on, with battery, with the cable, with and without SD card

- I even was able to install the latest firmare (only time where the front screen would show different icons)


What else could I do? :(

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Not able to turn on new Gopro Hero 7

Sorry to hear about the trouble, @efracken. Good note on the troubleshooting steps taken. It seems like the camera's touch display has some power problem. Can you post a photo of your camera's back display while the camera is powered on?


This can also be correlated to a firmware issue. Manually re-flashing the update can help resolve this. Please follow the manual update instructions specified on this article: Software Update Instructions for HERO7 Cameras

  • NOTE: Make sure the UPDATE folder is unzipped/extracted, before placing it on the SD card. If the folder is compressed, the camera will not be able to read it.
  • Ensure the UPDATE folder does not have any additional characters in the folder title, i.e. "UPDATE (1)". The camera will only recognize a folder titled "UPDATE", in upper case letters with no additional characters.


Hopefully this helps! Let us know how it goes.



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Re: Not able to turn on new Gopro Hero 7

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Hi Ann

Thanks for the quick reply.
The back LCD was always black, never saw anything there (yet). Front screen shows "Black 7"


The manual FW update was already done and it looks like it did it. (Saw the install logo, the tick mark and gorpo restarted by itself). 

But it did not solve the issue :(


any other suggestions?

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Re: Not able to turn on new Gopro Hero 7

Thanks for the update, @efracken. Sounds like there's an issue with the touch display's power. This is definitely not the experience we want you to have.


If the problem persists after reinstalling the firmware of your camera, given that this is a recent purchase and out-of-the-box issue, kindly reach out to the retailer so they can help you with the next steps.