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Nonexistent Billing department... for 2weeks, 17 phone attempts and 4hrs all together waiting!

I have had this same issue for 2 weeks now! I ordered the hero 5 cyber monday deal on Sunday (11/26) evening to wake up to an email saying something went wrong please call the support team. So I did right when they opened the next morning... this was the start to the worst customer service I have ever had. I would go through the same process over and over again with customer service puting me on hold to get through to the billing department.  I called 15 times last week and sat on hold for all together 4 hours (I counted my phone calls and added up how long they were), each and everytime that I finally had to get off hold because I have to do stuff with my day other then sit on hold I would tell them to put me on the Q-list. They claim that this is their calling list, well I DO NOT BELIEVE THEM... I was put on that list 15 times and STILL HAVNT RECIEVED ONE CALL FROM BILLINGS!!!!!!!! So since I wasnt charged for my last order (that was this issue that I could never get through to billings to repurchase)... I decided to just buy the Hero 5 AGAIN (Sunday 12/3) with hope that it would work. Well here I am three days after the order and I didnt receive an email that something went wrong so I should have recieve my gopro, well um YESTERDAY because it said 2day shipping on my order. Yep, yesterday and yet the tracking page everytime I open it still says it is processing. SOOOO here I go again calling customer service for now the 17th time (called before billings was opened today, so had to call back for this non existent billing department...) and I have now been on hold for going on 30mins. Everytime the customer serivce dude comes back to me he says "the billing department it still not available" I LITERALLY CALLED RIGHT WHEN THEY OPENED WHAT COULD THEY BE DOING. Go-pro need to get there **bleep** together because this is ridiculous and it is happening to many of their customers. Hopefully this well make something happen or more will post about the same issue and then Go-pro will start to care about their "less important customers" the ones who arent famous and using their products. Maybe they will care and fix the issue of billings, and not getting there product to customers when they say....


Courtney Sullivan 

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Re: Nonexistent Billing department... for 2weeks, 17 phone attempts and 4hrs all together waiting!

I love taking time out of my day to help someone else do their job. I've been dealing with their online support recently. They recommended in October that I keep my cameras because the software issues I reported would be fixed in November. Come November and new software, the same support say they can't refund because I bought it at a retail store. Awww. But they can recommend I keep it although it was bought at a retail store. I get a kick out of their support and the sentence structure and English grammar telling me they sit in a Mumbai and sign their replies with names like Marily and Cherokee and Crystal and anything to make it sound so American. It's funny, but it's not $2500 funny. PoS scumbag company. Call it GoPro Stonewalling. It's a far cry from support. Friends don't let friends buy gopro cameras. If it was a Xmas gift, return it.

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Re: Nonexistent Billing department... for 2weeks, 17 phone attempts and 4hrs all together waiting!

+1 on this thread in case anyone is reading it for a reference to see how absolutely GARBAGE GoPros' customer service and billing system is. Don't bother buying on this website. You will be MISERABLE.