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No more session?

There is a nasty rumor going around that gopro is not going to continue with the session form factor.  I get that this type of camera might not be suited for a lot of people, but for the hard core action crowd there is nothing that compares with it's image/sound quality or durability.  I strap my session to a drone and fly 70 miles an hour through the trees, so strapping a hero 6 with that big breakable lcd screen is not an option.  Gopro, please tell me these rumours are not true.  Could gopro really be that obtuse?  Is the quadcopter community so small that gopro doesn't even notice us?

Almost killed DoubleAfpv as well, sorry Aaron. That extra resolution of the eagle micro may have saved my life!😋 Aarons channel
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Re: No more session?

Gopro, contact me through my youtube email.  I will sell the session myself, lets talk numbers!  You can forget the fancy hard plastic box, we don't need that, save that money.  Don't need the accessories either, just the cube with all the features of the hero 6.

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Re: No more session?

Hello @boldbluff280


Cool capture you got there! Thank you for sharing. 


We still support the Sessions but we now only sell them under refurbished products here:

No official word yet on continuing, or discontinuing, the line up though. 



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Re: No more session?

i hope it will not be dropped.


great little camera