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No improvement to 4:3 modes in Hero 8

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Well I had my credit card out ready to preorder. But then I checked the Hero 8 user manual page 115.


The highest available resolution for the 8 at 60fps is 2.7k. That's the same as the 7, which also supports hypersmooth. So there's literally no reason to upgrade. I need 60fps, 4:3, and hypersmooth. The 7 already has all this at 2.7k. So you gave me no reason to upgrade.


At least the 7 supports aftermarket battery backpaks...the 8 has been redesigned so there are no options for extended battery life. And none of the "mods" are for extended battery life. These cameras are basically useless with the standard battery life. I can't be changing batteries every 15 minutes while riding my snowmobile, opening up the case and getting snow in it. It's like this is really just a toy that isn't meant to actually get used.


Even with the battery life situation, I would have bought it if I could get 4K 4:3 at 60fps. That would be a selling point.


I was so excited for this release and got literally nothing. Oh well, saved $400 I guess.

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Re: No improvement to 4:3 modes in Hero 8

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I use my HERO 7 for karting and I always have superview and hypersmooth enabled for my 2.7K60 footage.
Sadly, the HERO 8 doesn't include superview with 4K60 capture. :(