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Re: No gps data despite switched on gps


You can use this online tool to verify the GPS data 

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Re: No gps data despite switched on gps

@maxs3013 wrote:
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Today we went biking in austria, on the same trail like yesterday. And i would like to go faster then yesterday, so i accellerate more. Yesterday, everything went fine with gps there. And today i look on the camera at film begin, saw the gps logo in white and thought everything went fine. After import to mac, he said to me there is no gps data... Even after new import and import on iPhone there is no gps data. But why? I paid nearly 400€ for this devices and have so many problems with it (3 videos where the gopro just stocked after a few seconds, or just hanging sometime) (newest firmware!)

same here brought to gopros attention  no fix in the future. use the App it will work on there just not  on the computer Lol

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Re: No gps data despite switched on gps


having the same problem since last week. GPS is turned on in the camera, but no GPS data is stored. Neither the mobile app, nor the desktop Quick version nor the gps extractor do find any gps data. I bought the camera mainly for the reason of having an internal gps, so having this not working any more after just 2 months of use makes is more than unsatisfactory. (It's already an exchange camera, the first one needed to be replaced with stuck battery).

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Re: No gps data despite switched on gps

Did you ensure that the GPS was capturing Before you started the recording? Just having it on doesn't mean that the GPS is connected to enough satellites.

You can also download an app for you mobile device that will help you determine the likelihood of getting a good GPS connection. It's called UAV Forecast. Be sure to go into settings and turn off GLONASS and Galileo. You want a kp of less than 4 and at least 9 estimated satellite lock for the best data.

Also, you want to make sure you are in an open area without tall trees or buildings. The camera should also have unobstructed view of a clear blue sky. It can work in these areas, but will be more inconsistent and more likely to drop connection. This has nothing to do with the camera, but rather just how GPS devices work. Phones benefit from also being able to use cell towers, which the camera obviously cannot do.