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No factory repair outside of the 12 month warranty period

GoPro has no factory repair program for cameras outside of the warranty period, therefore, I will look elsewhere. 
It surprises me that this is the case, as it feels like GoPro is turning its back to users with products over 1 year old... offering a 20% discount towards a new camera is an inept substitution.
Furthermore, the overseas help center emails were frustrating... took several emails to find out there is no factory supported repair.
Just was repeatedly offered a discount for a new camera in lieu of directly ansering my question.
Great product, subpar post-warranty support.  IMHO
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Re: No factory repair outside of the 12 month warranty period

I hear ya been that way  since I had a Hero 2  no repairs we had  extended warranties for 3 years others claim they get two years.   what ever folats the boat. I ahve heard  per hourly charges can apply on a certain electronics  Ithink it may be best to simply retire , sell and get a new camera.  20-40% off what retail   not Cost.