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No audio

I just got a hero 5 and there was this weird static noise when i played video on the gopro but i could hear myself talking. After i did the update, there is no sound at all. Dont know how to fix it. Thanks!
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Re: No audio


Sorry to hear that you are having issues. Can you please answer a few questions to help see if we can figure out whats going on.

  1. What device and program are you using to play back your files?
  2. Have you run a manual update? If not, please try this first.
  3. What resolution/fps are you using?
  4. What SD card are you using (make, model, and size)?
  5. What setting are you using for audio? Auto, Stereo, Wind?
  6. Have you tried the Protune audio Raw?  If not, can you try recording with RAW on Low. (a second audio file will be created with your video. Try playing this to see if audio is being picked up by your camera)

Even if you have previously run the firmware update, it's usually a good idea to do a manual update if you run into any issues.