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No audio from fusion in Premiere or After effects

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Hi, i have wierd problem.

I stiched my videos in fusion studio in 4k cineform and 360 audio.

When i look videos in gopro VR player everything is fine and there is audio, but when i import videos to premiere or after effects, there is no audio at all, in premiere it imports audio into timeline but there is no sound when i play it, not even when i export video, no sound at all, same thing with after effects, i am using cc2018 version of both premiere and AE.

I watched numerous tutorials and tryed everything i could think of and i can not figure out what is problem.

Can someone help with this issue please? 

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Re: No audio from fusion in Premiere or After effects

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Hello @sunnyshore00880


Thank you for the details that you provided. If you contact our Support team here , they will be able to help. When you do, please have camera information ready, as well as sample clips. It would be best as well to have access to your computer. You may reach the team by phone or chat. 


Best regards, 

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Re: No audio from fusion in Premiere or After effects

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I just experienced the same thing but in Final Cut Pro.  I recorded 10 clips and 8 of them were just fine but 2 were almost completely silent. In FCPX if you reduce your audio level it leaves a slightly visible "ghost" image of the waveform where the audio level was, and I can see that in these clips.  On one of the clips the audio suddenly jumps back up for just the last second or two but that's it, very strange indeed. 

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Re: No audio from fusion in Premiere or After effects

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I had the same issue in Premier Pro, I recorded a 1 hr 30 minute float plane lesson via a fusion mounted on the front float.  When I went to edit in 2018 Premier Pro, no sound!  Actually what would happen is the waveform would be visible, I'd get a second or two of sound and then it would drop out.  If I stopped and started again, sound for a second or two and then it would drop out again.  The problem was with the external USB drive I had the media stored on.  The rendered file itself was nearly 600GB in size, my laptops SSD is only 500GB.  So I was trying to render from an external USB 3.0 hard drive and it was just too slow to handle the amount of data Premier Pro needed to process.


I upgraded my laptops 2nd drive to a 1tb model, copied the 600GB file across for editing and viola, sound!  


So I'd recommend the following:

If you have an SSD, make sure you're using that as the temp storage area for your editing software AND also where you have your rendered footage stored (your stitched 360 degree video file).

If you have storage concerns, or not enough room to work from your SSD, then break up the rendered footage into small segments.

Do not try to work from an external drive, they are usually too slow (even if it's a USB 3.0 drive, it's ability to use a USB 3.0 port doesn't guarantee fast transfer speeds).  Usually these external drives are cheap and to last longer they limit the speed, access rates and they try to "sleep" where possible to save wear and tear.


Bit the bullet, and invest money in a large FAST ssd...  it helps!