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Nightlapse photos flickering

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I made a timelapse of the sunset with my 7 black, and some of the photos are much darker than the others. This happen several times, so the video made from the photos have slight flickering.

So i've searched for a dark photo, and compared its exif to the brighter next to it (15 sec lapse). The only difference is 2 in iso, but sometimes the iso even the same! No other differences, only the gps coordinates as the accuraccy is changing a bit.

Same ISO, same shutter time, same exposure.

Then why one is darker than the other? Nothing happened at the photo site, no lightnings or lights there.

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Re: Nightlapse photos flickering

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@mygiguser  he has that same issue, maybe you two can compare notes while gopro ever gets around answering all of us  why this is not addressed?