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New to GOPRO, new to video making! Plenty of questions, plenty of excitement!

Dear GoPro community!


Extremely excited to join this family with my first GoPro, the Hero6. I’m slowly entering the world of videomaking and I wish to not half ass it if possible. That also means a lot of learning is ahead of me if I wish to do things right.Smiley Very Happy


So, lots of question (although I just spent the last 48h reading and watching countless videos/blogs/guides). Hope you can help and I’m in advance so sorry for the length of this thread. Let me know if I should post else where!


Context: I’m in PAL region (Switzerland) and plan on filming an upcoming trip in Vietnam (PAL).


I’m planning on using the following settings:


  • Project: 25fps
  • Vlog shots: 1080p 25fps
  • Cinematics, landscapes etc: 2.7K 50/100fps (slowed down to 25)
  • Slow-mo action shot: 2.7K 240 fps


Is that fine?


  • Is 25fps at 50 shutter speed the way to go for a nice cinematic feel?
  • Is 50 and 100 fps enough for slow-mo when brought down to 25fps on Premiere?
  • As I’m just starting, do I need to look into Protune and color grading it in post? Sounds extremely time consuming and maybe I should first use the GoPro colors before thinking about all those LUT questions etc.
  • Do I really need a gimble or the incorporated stabilizer enough?
  • I’ll be filming a lot on a motorbike in Vietnam with a chest mount, should I use video or time-lapse (photo) to film the road-trip part of the trip? I think video? But it will consume a huge amount of data right? What settings should I use? 1024 / 25 fps?
  • NV filters, only use them in the middle of the day?
  • And last but not least, the sound? I know it’s not great but do I really need an external mic for the few parts filmed with sound (travel vlog style) is the GoPro mic really that bad?

Again, sorry for the massiveness of the thread and thank you in advance for any help provided!Smiley Wink



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Re: New to GOPRO, new to video making! Plenty of questions, plenty of excitement!

Hello @fastdawn72615


Welcome to the GoPro Community! Thank you for reaching out. 

Our experts have compiled recommended settings for different activities using the HERO6 Black camera that you might be interested in. You can read it here

There is also a discussion by other members regarding travel and slow motion videos that would give you an idea regarding your other questions. 

Most importantly, make sure that your are using a recommended SD card to keep your footage safe and your camera working smoothly. 

I hope this helps!