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New hero 7 status light blinking red

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After removing battery to charge and reinstalling hero 7 status light blinks constantly
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Re: New hero 7 status light blinking red

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If possible, go into Preferences>Reset and factory reset the camera
Be sure you are using a card from this list

Remove the SD card and battery. Wait about 10-20 seconds and replace only the battery. Plug the camera into a wall charger to make sure it is fully charged.

Using a USB/SD adapter, put your SD card in your computer and perform a FULL (not Quick) format.

Download the manual update to your computer (even if your camera is on the latest update)
Right click and extract the UPDATE folder from the file

Once the format of your card completes, place the UPDATE folder (not onto the card

Eject the card

Remove the battery, wait 10-20 seconds and then insert the SD card. Wait around 10-20 seconds and then insert the battery.

Power on the camera and allow the Update to run

Once the update is complete and your camera has powered off and then on, go to preferences>reset and format your SD card. Go back to preferences>reset and factory reset your camera.

If the above doesn't work, try with a different SD card from the list of recommended cards.

If this still does not resolve your issue, contact the GoPro Support Team
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Re: New hero 7 status light blinking red

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What exact firmware you on @snowycliff42340 before we get started, and the sdxc card you are using?  Camera;s can get glitchy at times and since the gopro is unstable. Like @danielr15 try to follow what he wrote.  If this continues after the firmware  reflash I suggest to return for a new camera , and  try again.