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New User Issues (User Error possily)

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So I just got my Hero9 Black but I have a few issues and 1 is much bigger than the others


1.) I'm trying to use the RMTP feature for live streaming and whenver I try to connect to my hotspot on my phone it will never display as an option.    The app is on that host device that I'm not able to get connected.   No other device I use (macbook or others) have issues connecting or even displaying the hotspot.  Should I be using a different hotspot device that doesn't have the app?  


2.) The batter drains so faat when live streaming what ways can I reduce that?  Roughly need it in 2 hour increments (live streaming baseball games). I do have a battery bank and from what I've seen it won't charge with the battery in but not sure the battery bank would last 2 hours either.   Any thoughts on how to reduce battery usage while live streaming?


I really need to figure out #1 issue before I can even worry about #2