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New 'Hero 8' battery not charging (neither in camera or in dual charger).

I recently bought a Hero 8 straight from Gopro with an extra battery with the blue bottom.

One of the two batteries will not charge; not in camera and not in the dual charger. It has never charged after first use and was only discharged once.

When I try to charge in camera, I get a message saying the camera is overheating and will shut down. When I try to charge in the dual charger, the charging light does not go on. 

Other batteries do charge in the charger and in camera so it is a battery problem, so please spare me the 'update, reset, format'-routine.


Please let me know how I can return this battery and get a new one free of charge (as it is clearly faulty and should be covered by the EU warranty).

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Re: New 'Hero 8' battery not charging (neither in camera or in dual charger).

You can use the "Contact Us" option at the bottom of the page to request a replacement for your battery.  Since the problem is with the battery I doubt anyone will be telling you to "update, reset, format' since the battery has no moving parts for you to complete this process.  


Technically since the battery doesn't work, isn't it already "Free of charge"?