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New GoPro Max won't connect to Windows 10

Windows version is 1909.

Tried the supplied cable as well as a USB-C cable that I use (USB-C port on my PC as well) but it doesn't appear.

Tried the Micro SD Card in my old GoPro with either cable and it works.

Tried updating, reformating, everything listed on the support site and nothing.

Just tried plugging it in through a cheap Kensington four port USB adapter and it works that way. But never directly.

This is a right pain. Anyone know of a fix?

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Re: New GoPro Max won't connect to Windows 10

Hi @spirystorm57846


If you haven't yet, please go over the steps on Camera is Not Recognized on Quik for desktop - Windows

You can also try this: go to Device Manager> Find GoPro> Select "Disable" then "Enable".


Other users confirmed that using USB 3.1 and USB 3.0 works.

If you have a USB-C to Thunderbolt cable, it should also work. 




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Re: New GoPro Max won't connect to Windows 10

Tried all that. Tried multiple cables, ports and even my laptop. Can only access it on any of them using the USB hub. Very frustrating!