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New GoPro Desktop Software?

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Couldn't help but notice that QUIK for desktop has now been moved to "Legacy" software and is no longer available for download under the "APPS" section.  


Now on May 14th, news broke that GoPro trademarked Zeus (a new light) and Mural (editing software).  The news regarding the Zeus light just popped up 3 hours ago and it's currently on sale.


So the BIG questions remaining...


Is Mural new desktop editing software?

When is the release date?


Come on GoPro, give us some clues!

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Re: New GoPro Desktop Software?

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Admins made a post here May 18th.  Downloaded the same 2.70.


 guess they signed up, and now working on the software, enver get the answer we al lare looking for. even the page still says  hero 7 and latter Lol


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Re: New GoPro Desktop Software?

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quick never worked here...