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New Fusion has a weird line on footage

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I just received my fusion and I’m so excited about using it on a ski trip next weekend. However I took it out for a quick test earlier today and noticed a weird black line that appears on the footage. It isn’t from the stitching (I can tell because you can see where the footage is stitched together as they’re always different exposures (different issue but already seen a response to something similar on that one)

Any idea what this could be?
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Re: New Fusion has a weird line on footage

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Attached is the sample image of the line I was refering to.


But I believe this is just from the preview on the phone app as I don't get this when I render off a full video in the fusion studio on my mac but wanted to make sure if anyone else saw this issue it might help.

goprofusion line.JPG
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Re: New Fusion has a weird line on footage

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yeah I'm seeing the same on mine. Same thing, goes away during export or whaterver.


Iphone 7. Mine usually show up as straight lines/squares.

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Re: New Fusion has a weird line on footage

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Im having this same problem, shooting on cloudy irregular light day. I can only check it on my phone through gopro app. has anybody found the solution to it?

Thanks guys
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Re: New Fusion has a weird line on footage

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Hi everyone! 


I think it is just due to positioning/framing. 


Please try to use your phone to check if there are any lines or artifacts that appear. 

If there is try to change the angle of the camera. 


Light might also be a problem since it's a dual lens you might want to change the angle of the camera to balance the light. (Normally only one lens is properly lit and the other one doesn't have enough light)


Try to check the lens as well if there are any obstruction. 


Please also try to render the file and let us know if issue persist. 





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Re: New Fusion has a weird line on footage

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I hav a vertical line appearing in my footage when reframed in Premiere using the GoPro VR Reframe effect. The same footage plays fine in GoPro Vr Player 3.0


Attached is a side by side sceenshot showing the same footage in GoPro VR Player and expoerted from Premiere as standard 1920x1080 video.


Any suggestions on how to fiex this is appreciated. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.21.53 AM.png
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Re: New Fusion has a weird line on footage

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I think I figured out why the vertical line appears after udating to Fusion Studio 1.2
Fusion Studio 1.1 renders 5.2k out as 4992x2496
Fusion Studio 1.2 renders 5.2k out as 5120x2560
The footage I had a line appearing in was when I used the 5120x2560 source file in a 1920x1080 sequence.
Granted 5120x2560 and 4992x2496 are the same aspect ratio, but Premiere did not like the larger size. I even tried to "Scale to frame size" the 5120x2560 in Premere, but no luck.
I had an old copy of Fusion Studio 1.1 so I re-rendered a file at 4992x2496 and dropped into a 1920x1080 sequence. Exported the sequence and bingo, no line. 
Thankfully I still had a copy of Fusion Studio 1.1
Unfortunately, any file I have rendered out in Fusion Studio 1.2 at 5120x2560 will still display a line when exporting from Premiere no matter what workflow/process I use. I have tested many sequence and export sizes/combinations and all have the line. The only solutions I can figure out are:
1. Re-render orignal files using Fusion Studio 1.1
2. Export your 5120x2560 files from Premiere at 4992x2496
I have to believe Permiere can handle the 5120x2560 files and export wih no vertical line, but I can not figure out the workflow/process. 
If anyone knows another way to resize the source video from 5120x2560 down to 4992x2496 and get it to export without a vertical line appearing, please let me know. 



I am using Premiere Pro CC 2018 (up to date version) on a Mac.
Kind Regards,
- Ron