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Need the TRUTH about GoPro Corrupt Videos

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Hi There,


I am not your hipster bicycle dude riding for the rush of the occasiona headmounted video.  I used your expensive product for work and roughly 30% of my videos are not loading and unrecognzable my my Mac Desktop and Macbook.


Did some research, looks like you guys have a recurring issue and you are not letting your customers know.  I think every 5 posts on the support page is about video loss due to "corruption"


You send me an immediate solution so I can view and save the video I took.


This is embarrassing that a product such as GoPro could be so unreliable and you would have the nerve to ignore the issue. Hope and pray that is not the case.

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Re: Need the TRUTH about GoPro Corrupt Videos

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Sorry to hear about the trouble, @robm211. File corruption is commonly associated with issues on the SD card used. Which SD card are you using? The brand, type, and capacity information will be helpful. 


How are you recording videos? Do you use the QuikCapture function? Is your camera connected to an external power source? These will help us isolate the source of the trouble.


If you haven't done it yet, perform a manual firmware update. This will help clear out any possible error with the current installation. Do this even if your camera may already have the latest firmware. The steps under Manual Update here will guide you through the process. 


Let us know how it goes. Many thanks!

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Re: Need the TRUTH about GoPro Corrupt Videos

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Getting frustrated with the gopro community and demanding solutions because you are having trouble with your camera, most likely either need to do a full format on sdcard or are using a bad/incompatible sdcard...