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Need input on suggestion for taping hockey games

First of all - thank you for reviewing the post.  Secondly, let's assume I don't have any experience with GoPros - nor any current equipment.


Aspiration:  To place whatever number of GoPros necessary to simultaneously record the on-ice play on a hockey rink.  Our budget can run in $5-$10k range.


The idea is to install (hardwire is an option) the necessary equipment in the ceiling of the rink - which has an uniform clearence of approx '35.  The video would depict the action from a top-down prespective - which enables an amazing teaching tool.


What equipment / lenses / mounts would be the best to deploy?


Wireless equipment/settings to blast the captured video to viewing platform?



AWhat software would you suggest to run real-time video / post game/practice editting / sharing abilities?


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Need input on suggestion for taping hockey games

With your budget, I think you should contact the GoPro Developer program.  They might be able to assist you with your needs.