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Need help Wedding Proposal Hero 8

I'm proposing to my g/f at the 16th Street Tiled Steps in San Francisco next month and need some creative ideas and tips on settings for my GoPro Hero 8. I'm not that great at photography and not that creative so any help on how I could best capture the moment in a neat way would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Re: Need help Wedding Proposal Hero 8

Use a tether cable so no one steals it!


Don't be afraid to do pickup shots afterwards.  So make a larger version of the ring box with a fake large ring in it.  Put the GoPro in the back of it so when you open the box (with GF in front) you get the perspective of having a huge ring in front of her (even better if her face fits inside the band for the shot).  


There's lots of things you can do, just make it FUN.  Give you something both to enjoy later.


Also, do some pickup shots first.  Go to the location, maybe do a timewarp going up the stairs with a voice over of your plan dubbed in afterwards. 


Also for shots, if you're not using a tripod or planning on standing very still, don't use HDR, use Superphoto instead.  I'd also go to the location first and take a few test shots and see how they turn out using various settings.

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Re: Need help Wedding Proposal Hero 8

Thanks for the quick response and tips!