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NOOB Question.....Hero5 Black Jerky Videos and Converting Nightmare



First post so please be gentle.


I purchased my first GoPro, a Hero5 Black just prior to a once in a lifetime trip to Iceland. I used the camera in various modes, like Photo, TimeLapse, etc. and did quite a few videos in various places.


When we returned home, I copied all the videos of the Micro SD card onto my iMac. After watching a couple, I realised something wasnt right. The videos were jerky and the sound seemed to fade in and out. After reading a few posts, many blame the issue on the machine being used to view the video. My iMac is a 2.7ghz i5 with 16gb RAM, which should be able to handle the videos, which I took in 1080 mode as I dont have a 4K TV.


So I started looking at other solutions. I found one today which involves converting the original format videos using MPEG Streamclip to Quicktime. Hoorah, when I play the videos now, the playback is no longer jerky but the sound is still a bit iffy. However, when I play the clip and then close the video, QuickTime wants to save the file as a (Converted) file. OK, not a problem, expect that some of the videos take many minutes to convert to start with. But then I thought I am going to have to watch each video first after converting it with StreamClip, so thats two conversions its done, this is going to take some time.


Then comes my next issue. To be able to show these videos to my friends and family, I need to be able to play them on my Apple TV......which doesnt accept QuickTime videos :o(. So when I then try and convert the twice converted .MOV files to .MPEG files, the jerky playback comes back.


I'm tearing my hair out as I have spent £400 on the camera, a weeks worth of videos in the worlds most expensive holiday location and have nothing I can show people.


Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how I can get my videos into a playable format which can been seen by Apple TV?





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Re: NOOB Question.....Hero5 Black Jerky Videos and Converting Nightmare


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Re: NOOB Question.....Hero5 Black Jerky Videos and Converting Nightmare

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I am a Win Pc user.    you think >MP4  are apple supported are they?   I try  using your camera wit hte HDMi cable  and you can show your   group the shots . that is one way I know.   I never try to buy a camera and go on a trip. for reasons like failure if something gone wrong. I at least buy it try it   get used to it.  There should be  people here that can offer some insite good luck   it is not a instant answer site .lol 


Aug 3rd 2017 WOW  anyone not a staff member to help they are Apple base are they not.