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NEW GoPro Hero 8 Black --- Very hot, freezes,low battery life

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Dear GoPro,


In January, I bought my first GoPro, I got it from a distribuitor in Belgium - VandenBorre and it came with the bundle.


I have been experiencing the following problems


- The camera freezes - even if i have battery, sometimes when i push the power button to turn it on nothing happens, no other button fuctions and i need to take the battery out and back in to make it work.

  • What is this from?
  • I am using the 32gb microSD from the bundle, could that be a cause for freezing?


-The camera gets very very hot - even when just charging. Because of the battery life, i didn't  use it outside too much until now.

  • Is it normal?
  • What can i do to fix it?


-The battery life - to be honest, this is my first action camera, i don't really know much about battery life. i have read about the settings, normal battery life and all, but honestly, for a 3 months battery that has been used for a total of less than 6h of recording since i bought it (brand new) it seems very strange to see the POOR health battery status when i check on my camera, and to record just this much in one go ------ 

TYPE TimeLapseVideo
SIZE 25.34 MB
RESOLUTION 1920x1080

setting: every minute


  • To charge the battery I use a Samsung A7 phone charger head, do you think it's from that?
  • I ordered the Supercharger, do you think that it will fix the battery life problem?


-Shutting down while recording - while recording the video above, the camera turned itself on, when i checked... it still had 12% battery.... 

  • This normal? How can I fix it?


I would really really appreciate some help with this. I waited a loong time to get my camera, my whole enthusiasm brought 3 other friends to get into GoPro and now I feel like i lied.. seems to be a huge difference from what it was advertised and the problems I have experienced

Is this how normal action cameras actually act? What can I do to improve my experience?


Thank you in advance for your answers!


Best, Cristina


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Re: NEW GoPro Hero 8 Black --- Very hot, freezes,low battery life

Sorry to hear that you are having these issues, @cristinal80. The camera freezing, getting hot (too hot to touch as becoming warm is normal while in operation) could be indicators of an issue with the camera firmware or the SD card used. Have a go at these troubleshooting steps and see if the issue gets resolved.  


The charger you are using is good as long as it is rated 5V, 1-2 A. 


Shutting down while recording could happen depending on the conditions where the camera is, and the resolution settings used. For cameras that feature unique high-performance video modes: 2.7K and higher resolutions, and/or frame rates above 60fps, it is normal for the camera to become warm and use more power when using these modes. These tips will help prevent such from occurring. 


It is still best to determine battery integrity to ensure that the camera works smoothly. To do this, perform a run time test through these instructions. Should you get a runtime that is significantly shorter than the expected, let our Support team at know. They can help you with the next steps.