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ND filters

Hi1.jpg      2.jpg

I am not the smartest card in the deck so here goes.

If I have an ND 16 filter lens fitted to my Hero 7 Black (as in pic1),

and I add an ND 16 "fit over" filter, (pic 2) do I get "ND32"? 

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Re: ND filters

That will probably give you something very close to an ND32, but the quality wont be great as you're adding another sheet of glass. If you want the best quality, you're better off using a single ND32 Filter.
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Re: ND filters

Thanks danielr15 

Like I said I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

I will go with a single ND32 as you suggest but at some point when I have a 

few $$$$ to waste I will try the other way (just to compare)