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My new hero 8 is unusable - need resolution Where is start a Chat?

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Where is start a Chat?  The support number is a dead end.  Please call me if you would, Ron Morgan @ 973.723-3336.


Only thing to add below is the sd card was quick formatted under exfat, works, and is seen from the camera.  When the camera recorded a few hours (2 times, each 3gb files) without the display showing anything, I was able to USB the card into my Laptop and view the recording.  It seems like the top button does not work.


My experience below.

1st day.

Plugged in Hero 8 with battery & no SD card.  Everything seemed to work.  Linked to phone.  Charged battery as recommended before proceeding.


The battery seemed to charge correctly once, made a chime noise and shut off. 


2nd day.



The functionality of the Hero8 never worked again.  Mainly the display for record was never accessable again, and the buttons did not seem to work.  The display never showed what was recording.  It clearly did as the next day I found large viewable recorded files on the card.  Gave up to again attempt to charge the battery, and bought a USB card reader for my laptop.


Pulled the battery for a minute, plugged in again to charge.  LED light was on - no display.  Checked on and off for 8 hours, LED light was still on.  The camera was cool to the touch and showed no indification of doing anything.  Left it plugged in overnight since the LED light was still on. 



3rd day.


LED light is still on in the morning.  The camera still does not function properly.  I pulled the card and found large video files from the 2nd day when I was trying to get it to work.  At that time the LED light was on, front display sometimes counting ...  So I pulled the battery for a few minutes, reinserted all, and the camera came back on in record mode touching nothing.



The On/Off buttons show no consistent signs of working on the display, though I pulled the 128 GB SD card and found large (3GB+) viewable recorded files in DCIM.


I never saw a screen again to check the battery.  Recharging leaves the light on the camera.  It never seemed to finish the charge, make the little noise, and shut off the camera.  It seems to go into record mode, even if the display is not on, therefor not charging the battery ….  But next …


Reformatted SD, reinserted SD & battery, it turned on and started recording touching no button.  Held the side button for 10 seconds and it indicated powering off.  Used this method and the top button touch unsuccessfully, waiting 15 seconds after each individual attempt unsuccessfully until the side button for 10 seconds brought up the time warp screen …

Showed like 5 hours record time, and 3% battery. Can scroll through menus, cannot get record to work by touching top button, or through menus. Plugged in the charger, Rear display shows charger working. Can scroll through menus, cannot get camera to record mode.  Left button toggles Photo, video, Time Warp.  Top center Icon now shows Video recorder, video recording will not start by touching top button.


Linked to phone.  Shows low battery 3%, charge battery to download …


Pulled card and found a brief recording of my self that ended, some other stuff, and me going through much of the above again, unable to get predicted On/Off results, or the camera into record mode with a display viewing the action in the back.  Yesterdays recording shows me facing the camera away from myself unsuccessfully looking for the display in the back to show the scene it was recording.


Done!  Please call me with suggestions ...  Again,  Ron Morgan, 973.713-3336

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Re: My new hero 8 is unusable - need resolution Where is start a Chat?

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So when you power on the camera, are you using the power button on the side of the camera (also known as the mode button) or are you pressing the shutter button on the top of the camera? (also known as quick capture).  If you press the top button the camera will power on and start recording but the rear screen may be blank and it won't let you access any camera options.  If you press and hold the top button this will start the camera in timelapse mode, in which case you'll see a countdown timer and it will take timelapse photo's or video's.


So.  Charge your camera.  Power on the camera using the button on the side.  


If your camera shows a red led and it will not go away, press and hold the power button on the side (also known as the mode button) for 10 seconds to reset your camera.

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Re: My new hero 8 is unusable - need resolution Where is start a Chat?

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Hi @ronm5421


Should it still be the same after trying the suggested steps above, please reach out to our Support Team to move forward with your concern.

You may submit a request for a callback through, or initiate a chat session with one of our representatives.
If you are having trouble getting through, try selecting US-English as the region.