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Re: My hero 8 is not sending a HDMI to my 4K TV

I waited three months for the module, when finally Got it I connected the camera to my TV and by accident found out that I could only select my videos by using a completely blank touch screen on my camera, then I went back to check the directions sent with the Mod. I called the support group and they told me that what I was doing was the only and correct way. No insults like in the past if you have any suggestions
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Re: My hero 8 is not sending a HDMI to my 4K TV

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What do you mean by "completely blank touch screen"? Do you mean very clean, free of any finger prints and stuff?

I don't event get close to beeing abel to select videos and actually I don't even want that. What I'm trying is to get a live preview or basicall a front monitor, that allows me to use the GoPro for vlogging properly.

Also I don't understand what you are reffering to with "no insults like in the past"... Please elaborate.

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Re: My hero 8 is not sending a HDMI to my 4K TV

Fine... I'll play nice.


Unfortunately that seems to be the design of the Media Mod.  I'm pretty sure (it's been a while) when you connected the bacpac display to the GP2 and GP4, it showed you a grid of your media (3 x 3) and you could select clips you wanted and do basic fast forward and rewind via the touchscreen.


However on the GP8, then the media mod is attached, it's only capable of displaying on one display at a time, so the back screen goes completely blank and you have to make random swipes to get to the media you want.  I for one find this extremely irritating and as a result, I really don't use the media mod for outputting media to my TV.  I tend to just slap the SD card directly into my laptop and cast the footage to the TV.  At least that way I have full control over what I want to see, fast forwarding, rewinding etc.


So to sum up....  The media mod is crap for outputting to a TV.  The microphones aren't that good either (and in "stereo" mode the output on the left is higher and there's a high pitched whine noticable on the right), it's not really that great a mod because it's got cold shoe mounts instead of hot shoe mounts (so no camera or app control over what you attach) and the only thing I use it for is external microphone support.