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Re: My hero 8 is not sending a HDMI to my 4K TV

4K HDMI cable not a HD108p one


Firmware 1.60


Media Mod


read the paper that is included, when comes.  it should say you need to be loaded to the latest firmware.


How do I plug-n-play, when gopro revises the instructions, you ewill know. or get a hero 7 black

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Re: My hero 8 is not sending a HDMI to my 4K TV

@vitalriviver6681 you better check the specs of the media mod before buying. There's nothing to say that it has 4K video output over HDMI. Not sure what resolution the Hero 7 outputted and what framerate.

Just because a camera records at 4k it doesn't mean that it automatically has 4k HDMI output.

I'm guessing that theres going to be a big difference between what Gopro expect the HDMI output to be used for (checking your shots at the end of the day when on a trip and edit them when you are back home) and what some users want from the HDMI port (connect the Gopro to the T and use it as a a player to show everyone the 4k video you've taken. Or using the small format of the Hero 8 to get the camera into a tight space but bringing the HDMI out into an external recorder - possible recording at a higher bitrate or into a different codec)

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Re: My hero 8 is not sending a HDMI to my 4K TV

Media Mod output details:


Connecting to a Big Screen with an HDMI Cable
Media Mod has a micro-HDMI port that lets you connect your HERO8 Black to an HDTV. You’ll be able to see your photos and videos on the big screen or to use it to preview your shot. Plug a micro-HDMI cable (sold separately) into your Media Mod, and then choose an HDMI setting in your camera’s Preferences menu.

  1. From your camera’s main screen, swipe down to access the Dashboard.
  2. Tap Preferences > Input/Output > HDMI Output.
  3. Scroll through the options on the right and choose the one you want.  


Media (default)Play back your media on an HDTV.
MonitorDisplay your camera’s live view with camera info on an HDTV.
LiveDisplay your camera’s live view without camera info on an HDTV.

Heads Up: 4K preview and playback on a 4K TV will be displayed in full resolution at a maximum of 30 frames per second. The maximum resolution while recording is 1440p for 4:3 content and 1080p for footage shot in 16:9.

Media Playback on Your HDTV
There are two ways to navigate the media playback menu on your TV. 

Button Control

  1. Press the Mode button User-added image on your camera to cycle through your options.
  2. Press the Shutter button User-added image on your camera to make a selection.

Touch Screen Control
Swipe and tap your camera’s screen to navigate and select items.

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Re: My hero 8 is not sending a HDMI to my 4K TV

That's funny because I'm an electrical engineer at SpaceX. I'm purely going off of pictures I have seen of the media mod and do not see an HDMI port but if there is one good and fine. Oh and thanks for the patronization
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Re: My hero 8 is not sending a HDMI to my 4K TV

@vitalreviver6681 it's not a full sized HDMI but a mini port just above the usd c port. Easy to miss, it's not rocket science
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Re: My hero 8 is not sending a HDMI to my 4K TV

Sorry dude that comment was meant for irishmanpdx. And you're right there is a micro HDMI right above the USBC and I fully thought that there was going to be a full size HDMI. Transferring my media files and editing on the Zenbook Duo Pro from Asus works extremely well with Premiere Pro. I just think watching it on your TV and then going back and editing it is a good idea because it's such a big display. And once again you're right it's definitely not rocket science.
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Re: My hero 8 is not sending a HDMI to my 4K TV

GoPro Hero 8 black is my first GoPro