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My hero 5 isn't working

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Hello, good day, i have my gopro hero 5 quite a while now, but when their is a moment when used it under water it was fine at first. And when the day past i check it in the next day but it was not turning on anymore. tried to charged it but it wont charge any more. I think its broken. But how it is possible that it was said to be water proof even without its water suit? Pls. Help me solve this problem of mine. 

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Re: My hero 5 isn't working

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 going out we simply grab and go.  Preparing for any water, we make sure we examine, clean, and close, and double check thedoors?


   if  the Ocean or Sea  get to  by the land line or online chat system during their wroking hours.


 in the mean time do not use and dry out the camera nothing in it at all no card, no bat and put on rice, do not turn on for at least a few days.  More or less the camera is no longer good due to the salt water, if fresh it could revive?   


if the warranty is under a Year under 3  months you got a better chance of a replacement, other then that gopro will discount on a one to one case as they say.   Ask or find other resolved threads andsee how many have returned with a  final post not many.  So  irequest you to  after you get your camera  answers to return and report back what gopro did for you.